Buddha Jayanti


Lord Buddha is the Symbol of peace was born 2500 years before ( 543 BC )at Lumbini in Nepal on the full moon day of May ( Baishak in Nepali )is known as Baishak purnima.It is also known as Chandi Purnima.In this day Nepal Government give holiday.Lord Buddha was son of Shakya dynasty's king Sudhyodhan.His mother was known as Maya Devi from Kapilbastu Nepal. Once upon a time when Mrs was on the path of her serve pregnancy's pang at Lumbini , she ordered her chariotteer to stop the chariot and rapidly a child was born out of her womb. The child started to stride seven steps in all the four longitude and latitude direction east,west,north and south. After named ceremony prophets named him as Siddhartha ,said that child will become a renowned sage or a popular King. As say by prophet's he became the great philanthropist sage is known as "Lord Buddha ".
Once upon a time he starts to visit out of his palace he saw a stooped old man walking with a stick on his hand.On walking he saw that old man became stunned and seriously thought that why should we human being sick man in pain with his disease on the way again he saw a dead man procession marching toward the grave and some people crying for dead man. Lord Buddha was anguished and think that why should a human being die and his relatives are cry in worry ?Again on his fourth visit ,he saw a poor beggar alms and Buddha was afflicted again much with that beggar miserable condition and think that question to Buddha's mind that why should be a man become poor ?after that Buddha sitting under peepal tree at Kushi Nagar .His body was became thin because of not eating good his body became ready Buddha thought to welfare of the people as Buddha said that-
Don't speak the untrue !
Don't do greedy !
Don't sadden any one !
Don't think vice inside the mind !
Don't violence on any creature !
Don't take any intoxicating items !
Don't eat flesh as it 's any kind !
These are main sermons and benediction taught by Buddha to the world. Also there are many of his another moral written in his Buddha scripure.These are also teaching left by Buddha to this world. After narrating his enlightment to his disciple on the same day as his birth he reached for his heavenly abode. After that world known him as God " Lord Buddha ".For this day Buddha Jayanti is celebrate.


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