Indra Jatra


Indra Jatra
Idra Jatra Is the festival for Hindus and Buddhists. This festival is named of rain known as Indra.Indra is also known as Yanndya in Newari culture.This festival is lies between August to September month in Nepal. This festival is started by Lichhavikalin King Gunkamadev in Kaligat Sambat 3822.In Nepalese culture Indra is very essential God.Indra Jatra begins every year from the day of Dwadasi Tithi of Bhadra month to Ashwin Krishna Chaturdasi Tithi.This festival is celebrates up to eight days. On the beginning day of Indra Jatra a pole is called Linga or Yasing Dyaa with a flag on the top is erected at Hanuman Dhoka place. This thirty six feet long wooden pole is chosen with a great care from the Nala forest in Kavre district east of Kathmandu.According to ancient beliefs,Indra had received this flag from Lord Vishnu for protection. According to ancient period said that Indra's mother needed parijat , a kind of flower for some religious ritual so that Indra disguised as a human being come to the earth to fetch them.But he was recognized when he was to steal the parijat flower so that people caught him and tied him with ropes the statue of which is still worship in Maru Tole in Kathmandu.This image is put on display in various parts of the city during Indra Jatra.This festival is so interesting that for the whole week people enjoy various traditional dance Lakhe dance , Lakhe dance means person who wear the masks of demon and witness the chariot of Goddess Kumari , Lord Bhairav and Lord Ganesh being pulled through the traditional parts of the Kathmandu city. A day has been added to the original seven days celebrating Nanichha Yaa the chariots are pulled through Naradevi,Nhyokha,Ason,Indrachowk and Hanuman Dhoka.This day of chariot pulling was introduced by Mallakalin King Jaya Prakash Malla in 1965 Bikram Sambat.In Indra Chowk , the famous Akash Bhairav bust is show and it is decorated with flowers.This Akash Bhairav's head is related to the Mahabharat story.Some people believe that it is to be the head of the first Kirat King Yalamber.During Indra Jatra , a great people gather sing bhajans, perfom dance of Sawa Bhakku Bhairav from Halchowk,Lakhe from Majipat,Devi Nach and Yerawat hathi means the Pulukisi from Naradevi,Mahakali and Kathi Maka Nach From Bhaktapur.All dances are perfom in Hanuman Dhoka area.The ten incarnation of Lord Bishnu as Dasavatar is show every night. The first day of the festival is also obgserved by the Newars community to remember the family member who passed away during the past year offers small oil lamps along a traditional route covering all part of the old cities.The Linga is pulled down at the end of the Indra Jatra.It is taken to the Bagmati and Bishnumati in Teku to be rest of the Indra Jatra.


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