Machhindranath Rath Yatra


Machhindranath Rath Yatra festival has been started by King Pratap Malla in Kathmandu Seto is known as white Machhindranath festival is celebrated. But judging by the available inscription in the courtyard of Janabahal,kathmandu.It is clearly older than this time. The deistical was originally from the Ranipokhari and later shifted to Keltol.The temple of Arya Awalokiteshwor is situated in Janabahal.It is one of few monastic courtyards which have a full fledge stories temple standing in the middle of a court with a shrine is highly ornamental with gilt copper roofs, ornamental metal banner, tympanum and struts diverse form of Awalokiteshwor.Rath is known as chariot is a moving temple. The four wheels the chariots are symbolized representation of the four Bhairabs Gods named as Yamantak ( Black ),Padmantak ( Red ),Pragyantak ( White ) and Bigmantak ( Blue ).The idol of the god is placed in the chariot which is believe to be circumscribed by the “ Das Dig Lokapala “ during the entire team of procession. More than 300bpieces of wood are linked together to form this chariot. The 100 pieces of total goes to the wheel each confirming to the exact 25 pieces. On the Chaitra sukla Astami day, the priests who are known as Shakyas,take the images of the chiefs deit,Padmapani Avalokiteshwor out for the procession to Jamal beside Ranipokhari where the large wheeled chariot is waiting to received it. The two leaders from Thane and Kone lead the chariot. The procession starts with the team of various casts playing their musical instruments and dancing to the tunes. The entire team youths pulling chariot with the ropes, the people singing the hymns and praying the light. The small of the incense sticks all create an aura magnanimous and full of divine power difficult to judge with insight. The very first day of this divine procession covers the Jamal,Ratnapark,Bhotohityand Ason area.On the second day Ason to Balkumari,Keltol,Indra chowk,Makhan are rests in the Hanuman Dhoka.In this place living Goddess Kumari also comes out to pray her visit. In the last day the chariot moves through Hanuman Dhoka, Maru,Chikan Mugal,Jaisidewal,Jyabahal and finally reaches Lagan tol.After walk round about a special tree for three times the procession ends. The religious says that the festival must end before the Purnima or the full moon day of the month. On the fourth day, after a special puja, the image of the god is carries back to the temple and restore there.
This festival is also celebrated in Patan also, in the month of June. It is very important for the farmers as it celebrated before monsoon for gad of rain. In Patan Lord Machhindranath’s face is red known as Rato Machhindranath, which observe his followers from the high seat of the chariot, its four wheel symbolized the power of Bhairab receive rice and vermilion power.This festival is celebrated on the full moon day of Baishak of Nepali month. This is one of the longest as well as most essential festival of Patan.It starts with several days of ceremonies and fabrication of a wooden wheeled chariot at Pulchowk, near the Ashok Stupa.The chariot of Pulchowk bears the shrine of the Rato (Red) Machhindranath ( The Tantric Expression of Lokeshwor ) and carries from the four ends of the chariot. This unwisely spire is around about 10 meters tall on account of which, the chariot balances with pleasure of another. It is said that a great misfortune is certain to strike the land in the event of the chariot overturning or breaking down during this festival. Following the construction the chariot is towed through the streets of Patan by throngs of devotee’s everyday. Each day, it is put to rest in one of the many venerated spots in the city. This goes on for a month until it comes to rest on the big field outside the zoo and end with the Bhoto Jatra, another main festival in Patan, during which the bejeweled “ Bhoto “ of Rato Machindranath is displayed to the public. In the Bhoto Jatra Nepal Government give holiday in the capital but not through out of the country.


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