Dashain is the one of main festival of Nepal.This festival is lies between September to October.Dashain is also known as Vijaya Dashami,Bada Dashain,Dasara and Durga Puja.Actually Vijaya Dashami means the victory over the devil.According to ancient period bloodthirsty Goddess Durga Bhawani evil the Dashain period.In this day large amount of animals sacrifice in the Durga temple mainly at Kot.Kot is inside of Talegu temple.The first day is known as Ghatasthapana.In this day people in the morning a clay pot is filled with mixture of soft sand or soil and Barley seeds are sown.The pot is kept isolated from sunlight but puja is performed every day.After few days yellow small leaves are seen in the pot.

This yellow small leaves are known as Jamara.This Jamara is for the last day Tika.After that seventh day people celebrate Phulpati.In this day Jamara for Royal families carries from their ancestor Royal Gurkha palace at Jamal of Kathmandu.They are taken to Royal Palace known as Rajdurbar along with a huge parade but recently as doing on the behalf of Prime Minister.Eighth day of Dashain is known as Maha Astami.In this day animals are sacrifice at Durga or Kali Goddess.Ninth day is known as Mahanawami .In this day Taleju temple at Hanuman Dhoka is opened for public every once a year.In this day people worship the Goddess and respect to the Goddess day. In this day animals sacrifice at Kot .Kot is the inside of Taleju temple.The goverment should allows visitors to witness this function so that thousand of tourists are gather at this temple.In this day military bands play war tunes guns boom and officers with beautiful decorated medals in full uniform stand there.The last day Vijaya Dashami is celebrate.On this day tika and Jamara from our elders and receive their blessing.

This is the main day of Dashain.In this day people visit our elder person of home and get tika.Wherever from far place family member come to their home and det tika from elder and receive many many blesses.His Majesty also receive tika from the Royal priests and give tika to the loyal subjects.Thousand of people foreigner visitors also receive tika from His Majesty the King.After four days Kojagat purnima Dashain ends.Kojagat purnima is known as full moon day.After receiving the blessing of Goddess Durga people are ready to their Job.


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