Gokarna Aunsi ( Father's Day )


Gokarna Aunsi is one of the important day in Nepal. According to Nepali religion, culture and tradition holds a lot of reverence of a father. It lies in the month of Bhadra in Nepali and August in Gregorian of the dark fortnight day known as Aunsi.Father is stand for the pillar of strength, respect and support of a family. In Gokarna Aunsi ( Father's Day )this day, sons and daughter near as well as far come with gifts,foods,clothes and other items which are liked by parents. In this day married daughter are also come to celebrate this festival. Married daughters are also bring with foods, gifts, newly clothes to looking upon father's face is known as' Babuko Mukh Herne'.In Newari communities married daughters are come with eggs with fry, fry fish,wo ( made from black lentil ),curd,raksi ( Alcohol )and items is very essential in this day. She served to father and blessed by father for long life , good health good happening at life time. In this day at streets are full of mirth scene of married daughters on their parent's home with delicacies.After offering all items they touch their father's feet with their forehead , this is done by the only son, daughter only touch the hand.
The person who don't have father worship the Gokarneshwor Mahadev on this day.Mahadev is also known as Lord Shiva, famous for the singular close communion with the souls of deed. This place is sacred shrine of Lord Shiva. It lies in Gokarna village ,eastern of Kathmandu.This persons who don't have father honor the memory of their father and promote welfare of his soul in this area. The people take bath and make offering to the Brahmans and deceased fathers. They are also perform ' Shraadha ' a religious things which Hindus do, and give Dachina ( some amount of money ) and food items to Brahmans. According to Hindu mythology Gokarna shrine is prehistoric sine's when Lord Shiva hid himself in the Pashupatinath forest, disguised as a one horned golden deer, from the Gods and mankind. When he spend his days joyous, the word suffer so Lord Vishnu, the preserver, Lord Brahma, the creator and Lord Indra, the King of Gods, took matters into their hands and search for him. At last a Goddess disclose Shiva's disguise, so when they finally caught the deer by the horn, it burst into fragments and establish his new horn in their three words, so that Vishnu installed his section in his abode in Viakuntha,Indra in his realm in heaven and Brahma enshrined it at the sacred site of Gokarneshwor.In this day the Gods and Goddesses come down and bathed in Bagmati river for homage to Shiva and established the recent day tradition of ancestor worship at Gokarna.After that Gokarna Aunsi festival is celebrate.


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