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Teej is the fasting festival of married women as well as unmarried girls in Nepal.It lies in the month of August or early September month. Married women observe Teej fast to honor Lord Shiva , long life, good health life of their husband and unmarried girls are also take fast on their day for getting good husband. This festival celebrates upto three days.traditional dances and songs are perfomed by married women as well as unmarried girls. Red colors is very important in this festival so that women wear red sarees,red bangles, green chadke Tilahari and red tika.
Teej is the festival for Nepali women.This festival dedication and love by women in Nepal. Women most of their time spend by shopping when the Teej is near. In this day women dress up very charming and beautiful by wearing red bridal sari, wear red bangles,wear gold ornaments, red tika.Teej give opportunity to dress like newly wed. They worship the brief of divine marriage Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati for longevity and prosperity for their husband and family.
This festival is celebrates upto three days. First day is known as 'Dar Khane Din'second day is ' Fasting'day and last day is 'Rishi Panchami' in Nepal which puja is performed in this day the women wear folk dressed in the finest cloth and gathered at once place and performed traditional dance and sing devotional songs.Dar means special food which is eaten by women. This will continue till midnight which twenty four hour long fast is begin. Second day is 'Fasting Day '.In this day pujas and pray is performed. The women going to Pashupatinath temple , which is nearly Gaushala is crowded by women with red saris to offers prayers to Lord Shiva. Women gather in the temple and to walk around the Linga ( which is phallic symbol of the Lord Shiva) around with flowers, coins and sweets. The beautiful decorated idols couple of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati are offer flowers to seek blessing of the divine spirit.In this festival lighting of an oil lamp is very essential part of the puja ceremony. According to ancient period said that oil lamp must kept lit all night to avoid bad women. The ;last or third day day 'Rishi Panchami'.In this day seven sages of the Hindu pantheon are worship by women in a brief that it will cleanse all sins of the previous year. Womenfolk take a holy bath with red mud found on the root of the sacred Datiwan bush, along with it's leaves. After three hours regular clean sins ,they come out purified and observed from all sins and immorality. After this they sit in a semi circle while a priest sitting in the middle chants devotional prayers. In this way Teej is celebrate in Nepal.


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