Janai Purnima


Janai Purnim is one of the great festivals of Nepal.This festival is about the sacred thread. It lies in the full moon fortnight of Bhadra and August in Gregorian.Bhramans and chhetri in Nepal change their sacred thread known as Janai on this day from their Gurus, after taking a holy bath in the river.Janai is tied along" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5508173571438970946" border="0" /> from around their left neck to the right armpits below. They tie the Tago around their right wrist also from the Gurus. The other communities tie only the Tago from the Brahmans priests, worshiping Gods and Saptarishi.Saptarishis are the Tutors of the Gods in an ancient time who could forecast the past present and future episodes exactly in the golden era.They are very highly respected seers. They were Kashyab,Bhardwaj,Atreya,Gautami,Jamadagni,Bashistha and Bishwamitra.There are the religious significant of Janai Purnima.Water with seasame,Kush ( sacred grass ) offered in the name of Saptarishi and the past antecedents,because of being changed the sacred thread,this festival is very famous among the Hindu communities.In Newari communities this festival is known as' Gunhu Punhi '.Newari communities are also worn sacred yellow thread.This yellow sacred thread is sanstified or purified by the Purohit Baje,who is Newari Bhraman.This yellow thread is symbol of protection from fear and diseases. They also observe the occasion of Kwati Purnima.Kwati is soup prepared from nine different kinds of beans,is special delicacy, hot food, which is very good for health. The sacred thread must change in a full moon day.
This festival is very essential religious value among the maternal uncles,nephews,married and unmarried daughters , sisters and their husbands along with their children. Because in this day they all are invited to eat, given some donation as their capacity for efficiency.
In these festival thousands of devotees worship Lord Shiva at Pashupatinath in Kathmandu and Kumbeswor in Lalitpur and take holy dips in ponds and lakes to eradicate their sins. A very great religious fair takes place at Gosaikunda lake in Rasuwa District.Ganga Dhanus Sagar at Janakpur and Tribenidham mela is also observed.


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