Yomari Punhi


Yomari Punhi is the festival of full moon day .Punhi is known as full moon day. This festival is specially for Newar communities. It lies in the December month.a Yomari is a swYomari Punhieetmeat of rice flour in from the new harvest dough shaped like fig and filled with brown sugarcane known as Sakkhar and sesame seeds, which is steamed. This delicacy is the chief item on the menu during the post harvest celebration of Yomari Punhi.In this festival people of Kathmandu valley offer worship to Annapurna, is known as Goddess of food grains , for the rice harvest. In this day small kids go to their neighbour to ask humbly Yomari from household wives in the period of evening. In this day sacred masked dances are also perfomed in the villages of Hari Shidhi at Thecho.The Newar community serve Yomari,asweet dish,await the end of four days devotion of God, blesses with wealth, according to ancient belief, some Newar community prepared Yomari just like shape of God and Goddess as Ganesh,Kumar,Kuber,Laxmi and Saraswati will get rid of poverty.In this festival parents bless good health and long life to the children up to two to twelve years offering Yomaris.During this festival kids perform customary Newari song as ' Yomari chwamu uke dune hamu byuma lyase mabyuma burikuti 'means that Yomari is sharped consist inside of seasame seeds who will give yomari she is pretty lady who will not give Yomari she is older women., dance and ask for food and other gifts items from elders.
From the ancient myth this festival is started from panchal nagar ( recently known as panauti ).Myth describes that Suchandra and Krita , a married couple, first experimental with fresh yield of rice from their field.After that what took shaped turned out come to be known as Yomari.The food was liked by all villagers , the bread was named as Yomari , which literally means 'Tasty Bread' .The myth explain that on the same day couple offered the God of wealth,Kuber,the new delicacy, who was passing by in a counterfeit manner and blessed to the couple with wealth. He asserted that whoever will prepared Yomari in the form of Gods and Goddess on the full moon day of December month and observe four days and devotion to God, will soon get rid of poverty. On the second day when prayers are offered during which Yomaris are stored and not eaten on that very day. On the final day or fourth day people belonging to Newar community consume the sweet bread as a gift from Gods, this indication is the ends of the festival.


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