Lhosar is New year of the Tibetans and Sherpas in Nepal. This festival is celebrate in February .In this festival Buddhist monasteries in Kathmandu such as Swayambhunath and Boudhanath are decorated with beautiful and colourful prayers flags pulling the crowd . The people performed their traditional dance serve the traditional sweet food which is made by pure ghee wheat floor and little bit sugar.this sweet food is very good for health.People welcome the New Year with sweet and family gathering by wearing new clothes and decorated jewelries and exchange the gift.This festival is very en joyful for Tibetans and Sherpas families
In other words in Sherpa community Lho means the year and sar means the new is known as the new evolution of the year or New Year.In Sherpa community or religionist's book this Lhosar is lies in middle of the February month.In this day new year is begining .In this month sun is lies from South to North side so that new year is starts as Opinion Sherpa community.As a ancient period as Sherpa community the victory of Gods to the Devil so that Lhosar is celebrate.In this day Sherpa community before three day invite Boudha Lama for worship new year , they serve relative in their family nine types of beans as known as Guthukpa.For this day they said as Disugu.In this day Sherpa community clean their own house .After that theycook various types of foods in their own house.After that they take pure water from the river and spray their Gods and sing own pilgrim songs and celebrate new year.For long life they drink Amrit.In this they colourful flags flattered in their house for peace.After that they do Kiki "Soso Lak Gyallo"means the victory of God to the Devil and they take white floor to the heaven for peace.In second day the exchange their greeting wear own type of cloth.In Sherpa community cow,tiger,vulture,snake,horse,sheep,monkey,bird,dog,rat and deer these twelve types of animal do the Nwaran as name by the twelve animals to the children in Sherpa community.


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