Tihar is one the interesting festival in Nepal. This festival will celebrate between October to November. It will celebrate up to five days.First day people will worship to the Crow because crow is as a messenger that brings the News.Second day people will worship to the Dog.Because is also one kind of obedient animal & as a guarf of house. third day is known as Laxmi puja means the Goddess of wealth as Hinduism concept to the Goddess of wealth called Laxmi mata including the same day people will worship aslo to the Cow because Cow is the Symbol of Mother in Hinduism that's why the Government Keep it as a National animal of Nepal.In this day people will Clean the Houses,shops & factories will decorate.At the night people will burn the candle all over the country.

Fourth day in Newari Community the Mha Puja is one of the main day.Mha means the body of human being.It is known as body worship day. In this day Newari Communities New year Known as Nepal Sambat and the fifth day means last day people will worship Bhai Tika as brother sister worship day.At that day all the sister will pray with the Life God for their longlife, good progress and for the good health and of course wealth too.


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