Festivals Of Nepal


Festivals Of Nepal
Nepal is Land Of Mountains ,also the land of multi festivals.In Nepal every year more than 50 festivals will celebrate.Napal's nationals festival are set by astrologers following the lunar (patra) calender .The best part of the vestivals in Nepal's events are celebrated with the same enthusiasm and galore the way used tobe from anciant time ,when people had no other entertainment at that time.
The Festivals are :
National New Year:
It is known as Navabarsha in Nepal .It has its official calender that begging from the first day is observed as Nepali New Year Wish Falls in 2nd of April .at that time diff rent diff rent part of Nepal has won festivals.like in Bhaktapur ;Biskate Jatra,Bag Dwar mella ,Sapat Tirtha,etc

And other festivals are like Newari New Year known As (Nepal Sambat)Nhugudanya Bhintuna This is Nepal's Second New Year When Most of Newari community Will Celebrate a ritual of worshipping own body and soul and life.On this day and the festivals will end s with bhai tika (brother's day) when their sisters worship their brother for long and healthy life to safeguard the lives of their .this is also known as Gambling festival even in Nepal has illegal to gambling ,but at the moment of festival every body can enjoy their self even they can gambling freely.


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