Holi (colour festival)


Holi (colour festival)
Holi is colour festival and enjoyable festival in Nepal. It lies on late February or an early March month. This festival is named by mythical demoness Holika,it is a day when feast of colours is celebrated a week. This festival is also known as phagu Purnima.Phagu is known as sacred red powder and Purnima is known as the full moon day, on which the festival ends.Holi symbolized that it welcome the spring season. People are enjoy by the playing with colour and water balloons ( Lolas )whether youthful throwing to the ladies. Families and friends are gathering at one place and celebrate this festival with a lot of fun and enjoy. Indian community such as Marwari class who have settle down in Nepal for centuries and the Terai people celebrate it a day later with own way with colour only.
Holi is related with the Hindu religion, which this festival is origin from the India, but in Nepal this festival is celebrated from the ancient period of time. By the history of Nepal,it was celebrate from Malla King Gunkamadev ,from the Newar community Sayami ( community of Manandhar caste )installation of the ceremonial pole called " Chir "known as bamboo pole, fringed with strip of cloth representing good luck charms at Hanumandhoka ,Kathmandu every year.Holi is formally starts and celebrate up to a week. It symbolized the tree on which Lord Krishna hung the milkmaids' garments while they are bathing, unseen as they thought in the Jamuna River of northern India. At end of which Chir is taken to a bonfire.
According to mythological following Holi to make merry that devil named Holika together with her brother,an atheist King by the named of Hiranyakasyapu conspired way to kill his son Pralhad because pralhad was an ardent devotees of Lord Vishnu. By this attempts always failed for Lord Vishnu preserve those who love him. At last Holika who have received a blessing from Lord Bramha to be free infection pf fire, jump in with Pralhad but Brahma blessing could only be used for purpose and so Holika was consumed by fire where as Prahlad was saved by the grace of the Gods. After that Holi is said to be celebrated to rejoice Holika's extermination and the traditional bonfires are believed to commemorate her death. According to next story from the Puranas and Bhagvat,Kansa sent a female demon named Putna to his nephew Lord Krishna. Taking the form of nurse Putna went to Vrindaban where the child Lord was growing up and tried to feed him her poisonous milk but the attempt back fired and she was killed.The body was burnt on the night of Holi,so that Holi is celebrate is also called festival of fire.Holi is for everyone for fun and enjoy.


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