Mahashivaratri is the festival of Lord Shiva ,known as Lord of the Lord. It lies in the Falgun or February to March in Gregorian. According to sacred book of Hindus religion it has been started that Mountain Kailash in the Himalayas is the abode of Lord Shiva .Lord Shiva is Destroyer of evil.People are mostly praised and worshipped of the God sin the Hindu religious. Hindu are all over the world named him as various forms and commonly named as Lord Shive or Mahadev.Lord Shiva is also indicate as Shiva Linga which is phallus of Lord Shiva.It is the Hindus community regard as the symbol of creation and beginning.
Mahashivaratri is celebrates not only in Nepal all over the world.Mahashivaratri is the night of Lord Shiva when he was created by his own Divine Grace and Hindus.Mahashivaratri,ratri is known as night of venerable to Shiva. The temple of Pashupatinath is located at near the Gaushala eastern part of Katmandu valley banks of river Bagmati,which is holiest shrine. This festival is worship more than one hundred thousand worshipper during this festival. These worshipper ar e come from various place and wide to pay their respect and homage Mahadev on this day.Pashupatinath ,which is called ' The Lord Of Animal ' which is Pashupatinath .In this area only Hindus are permitted to view this festival from across the Bagmati river.Mahashivaratri is festival for all Hindus pilgrims and Yogis is called holgman from Southeast Asia come to Katmandu a week before for celebrate this festival. In this day worship. In this holy day devotees and non devotees are freely smoking intoxicating material such as bhang,dhaturo and marijuana. This is known as Prasad of Lord Shiva.
In the Mahashivaratri festival Pashupatinath temple is filled with many more worshipper. Devotees are as poor or rich but treated equally for Lord Shiva treats us all equally. In this festival more than thousands gather to celebrate this festival , so that it indicate festival of Mahashivaratri devocation and faith of Nepalese community. In this festival every house cook Haluwa, is known as sweet delicious food


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