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Naxal Bhagwati Temple is situated at Kathmandu Naxal.This location is very busy and inters section area. People who worships the Bhagwati goddess doing puja in respective days, devotees who keep moving in and out of the temple all day. the main attraction of this temple is Devi is goddess temple its three tied red roof, two of which are copper plated and carving of other deities surrounding all over temple. Nowadays some renovation of this temple takes place. According to ancient history Naxal Bhagwati dates back many centuries to the year 1050 of the Kaligat Sambat, when Vikram Kesariwas the king of Nepal and his wife Nava Sagar handled the country's administration section. The Queen was greatly influenced with a grand idol presented by one of her subjects. She founded the temple and named the idol after herself. Nava Sagar Bhagwati.It is believed that the priests and mystics of the time had laid a solid foundation of the temple through tantric rituals and mantras so as to empower the goddess. The intention of the priests was to fulfill a belief that any known as bidhi would be fulfilled. In this way the power of the goddess increase to such height that her idol began to issuing strong radiations that were deemed catastrophic. In 665 B.S (607 A.D), the king Shankerdev placed the idol inside the temple and covered it. Then he established another statue repeating the original one and initiated a chariot procession is known as Jatra on the day of Preta Chaturdashi ( Chaturdashi ), is the fourteen day of the lunar fortnight ) to commemorate the ceremony. It is still celebrated every year by the name of Khat Jatra on preta Chaturdashi and lasts for three days. The Naxal Bhagwati is considered to be of the nine manifestation of the goddess Durga and it is believe to have been crafted by the some artesian who constructed the idols of Palanchowk Bhagwati,Shobha Bhagwati and Nala Bhagwati.As indicates a Shakti peeth,literally a place of worship of the goddess ' Shakti 'devotees sworn to the temple during Dashain,especially on the 'Astami' ( The eighth day of Dashain).A water buffalo sent by the Singh Durbar ( The Nepalese Paliament ) is sacrificed there on Nawami the Ninth day of the Dashain.Dashain is the greatest festival of Nepalese people so that in Dashain period great numbers of devotees are come to Naxal Bhagwati temple to do a great puja and worship the Bhagwati goddess.


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