Annapurna Temple


Annapurna Temple
Annapurna Temple is one of the most kinds of deity who fulfill all the needs of devotees. This temple is located at mid of Ashan In Kathmandu.The Goddess Annapurna is symbol of wealth,wish,food,success in one’s business, success in romance as relating to others aspect of life.Anna means food purna means fulfill. Whenever worship the Goddess Annapurna that person never enough of food, wealth & others aspect of life. The temple is very popular for fulfilling all type of wishes. This temple is constructing according to Ying principal. Hindus and Buddhist both come in this temple to worship and to do puja and they have great on goddess Annapurna.
Goddess Annapurna is an incarnation of Parvati wife of god Shiva. Goddess parvati is often seen giving begging with a skull begging bowl as Goddess Annapurna doles out food to her lover.the worship of goddess Annapurna originated in the remote past when all food disappear from the earth and all living beings were consequently in danger of pershing.They have recourse to Lord Brahma for help. Brahma consulted with Lord Vishnu and then decided to awaken. Lord Shiva from ritual sleep is known as Yoganidra and gives him responsibility for restarting prosperity. Shiva invited the goddess Annapurna to the earth and begged her for rice, which he distributed throughout the world.In Newari communities Annapurna temple is known as’ Asanmaru Ajima’.It is highly strong believe of Newar communities that if you get blessing of Goddess Annapurna you won’t get lose in business, so that while starting new business Newar’s come to goddess Annapurna to do her puja.Even if you put photo of goddess Annapurna on the north east corner of your puja room or in your home. Goddess Annapurna is also in build according to tantric philosophy. Main statue of Mother Annapurna is build in symbolic form as silver Kalash ( a sort of pot ) .if you think that goddess Annapurna is only goddess of food then you are wrong .Here in Annapurna temple she is worship as goddess as Laxmi not only the goddess of food. If you confuse this is actual fact about the goddess Annapurna.


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