Dakshinkali Temple


Dakshinkali Temp
Dakshinkali Temple is one of the most famous temples in Nepal. This temple is dedicated to Kali, the fearful form of Lord Shiva’s wife.Dakshin is known as south and Kali is derived from Hindu goddess Kali which is mention above so that it basically mean the goddess Kali of the south. This Dakshinkali temple is located southwest part of the Kathmandu which is forty five minutes drive by vehicle from Kathmandu.The sanctuary and its surrounding are dedicated to goddess Kali, the deity who claims at two times a week i.e. Tuesday and Saturday a good portion of fresh animal blood. Saturday is the main day and animals there are also sacrifices on Tuesday. So lots of devotees gather in a large mass especially on Tuesday and Saturday where they usually sacrifices cocks and male goats. The Dashain festival in October month is major festival here.
By the way the sight of narrow way between mountains is attracted and it is worth while to walk down and across the old suspension bridge, throwing a glance down into the very narrow and deep gap. In the middle part of village of Pharping lies the pleasant spot is known as Sheka Narayan.There is a pond filled with crystal clear water and lots of gold fish types fishes swimming around.After few minutes of driving from Pharping you will finally reach to the destination of the Dakshinkali where you have to move downhill as goddess is situated at the bottom of the hill. The view is just spectacular with all the green vegetable around and the weather is just too awesome around there. In this place non Hindus cannot enter the building where the deity as Kali is located. Pictures can be taken from outside. Some people can also make a picnic spot in this place. Since this place is quite far away from the valley and there is less noise, crowd and other types of pollution. People can also be enjoying with friends and families in this place. This place is essential with more entertainment as well as holy place. People believe that if we pray to the goddess and offer sacrifice our enemies will demise and we will be victories in our way, and lots of other people do make their wishes to goddess. This place is really good if you once visit you will never forget lifetime.


Prava Shrestha said...

Dashinkali Temple is an ancient, historic and religious property of Nepal which has an exquisite and more than millennium years old legend of its establishment in the reign period of Manadeva of Lichchavi dynasty which was founded by Supushpa, the first Aryans and Licchchavi ruler of Nepal.
Mahakali is an intricate incarnation of goddess Annapurna who is consort of Mahakal(Pashupatinath). Dashinkali inscribe Mahakali situated in Dashin(South) direction of Kathmandu.
As lord Shiva is never worshiped for sacrifice so does Mahakali. She does not gratify on sacrifice.The custom of sacrifice is incited through various myths and superstitious culture of human beings.
The myriad devotees of goddess Dashinkali still argue that goddess Dashinkali does not satisfy with sacrifice. They believe sacrifice is for making her warriors happy. Many opponents of animal sacrifice, do vegetarian sacrifice of coconuts. In contrast, many proponents believe that sacrifice of animals averts animals' sufferings giving them reincarnation to the place of goddess. It may support the mythology of an immortal state of a soul.
In Hindus holy Vedas and Puran,it is written that her blue body with three eyes,each eye is made up of the Sun, the Moon and fire respectively. But some writers unknowingly named her as Dark Mother.Nevertheless her illumination is vigorously praised in ShivaPuran too.
Skewing glorious world history of Roman empire, more than decades of historical dark ages in the lap of its history, it is seen that an era in which starvation, outbreak of epidemic disease such as plague, unemployment and ignorance dwelled in the empire galloping millions death of innocent,uneducated and starving people. It is an ironical example to differentiate darkness versus unknowingly so called Dark Mother. Whereas voyaging to her mystery, Kalidas( Das means servant that is Mahakali's servant)a renowned classical Sanskrit poet has written many epic poems and masterpiece of literature in 5th century, was blessed by Mahakali with a great deal of knowledge. Before her kind boon he was regarded as Mahamurkha(the most foolish) by other kings and even by her spouse princess Vidyotma. He got his name Kalidas only after he gained blessings of Mahakali.
All religion teach an essence of non-violence but violence is an evil deed of human body.
Little knowledge is dangerous,speculation with thorough knowledge is applicable.

yeshi thekchok said...
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yeshi thekchok said...

Sacrificing animal is blind belief. It is against the non violence. As non violence is root of Hindus and all other religion. Kali ma is merciness in inner mind and all living beings is her own child. Hence, how does she enjoy of own child's bloodshed. Do vegetable sacrifice as coconut.

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